Adobe Dreamweaver Techniques—Intermediate

This session is available as an online webinar (90-minute webinar) or on-site session at your organization. Please contact us to request scheduling.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at business professionals who understand the basics of Dreamweaver and are ready to build richer web experiences using their beginner HTML and CSS skills. This course will expand on the basics to create more complex websites from templates.

Key topics and takeaways

  • Templates: Exploring various types of starter designs for desktop and mobile sites.
  • Links: Setting link preferences and destinations and creating rollover states with CSS.
  • CSS Properties: Digging deeper into content and image positioning and formatting with CSS.
  • Menu Bars: Adding and customizing menu bars for page navigation.
  • Pages: Creating and linking multiple pages within a site.
  • Tables: Adding styles to basic tables.
  • Post Site: Publishing the site for testing and sharing.

What you will be able to do as a result

  • Create a Dreamweaver site from a template.
  • Position images and content areas with CSS using relative and absolute positioning.
  • Build multi-page websites that link to each other.
  • Style tables and links within your website documents.
  • Push your files to a server and view and test online.