Accomplishing More With Google Apps

describe the imageThe Accomplishing More With Google Apps builds on the success of the Accomplishing More With Less Methodology (which has helped thousands of business professionals from around the globe) and guides you through innovative ways of leveraging Google Apps. As a result of the valuable insights and techniques presented in this book, you will make significant breakthroughs in managing your time, managing interruptions, organizing your information, and using Google Apps in ways you didn't think were possible.

What will you be able to do as a result?

Here are some of the key benefits that our workshop participants report frequently:
  • Better understand Google Apps features and benefits and become adept at leveraging them to increase your personal and group productivity.

  • Better manage interruptions and stay focused on the task at hand until meaningful results are achieved, while being responsive to the demands of your team and collaborating more effectively than ever before.

  • Work more strategically instead of working harder, methodically manage competing priorities, and learn new and innovative tools that can help you better align your daily activities with your goals.

  • Organize and manage your electronic and paper information easily and efficiently via a duplicate process that is practical and doable, instead of having your day “run over” by information and “low impact” activities.

  • Manage stress like never before through purposeful action rather than passive reaction, and turn stressful situations into opportunities.

  • Understand the obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your desired accomplishments, and take the necessary actions that will lead to growth, transformation, and significantly increased fulfillment.

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Accomplishing More With Google Apps

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