Eat Well to Accomplish More

This session is available as an online webinar (90-minute webinar) or an on-site session at your organization. Please contact us to request scheduling.

Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for anyone who both works and eats.  The nutrition choices we make throughout the work day impacts our lives on and off the job, and in this workshop we will explore simple changes business professionals can make to improve the way they work.  As a result, attendees will gain nutrition strategies for use immediately to improve the way they eat, feel, and work.

Here are some of the key topics and techniques that are covered

  • One simple rule for eating right.
  • Lunch break tricks for afternoon energy.
  • Water, coffee or tea?  The best choice for productivity.
  • Common nutrition myths exposed.
  • Why your diet has a direct impact on your next promotion.
  • Don’t be an outlier: Why your employer cares if you’re sick (it’s not what you think!)

About the presenter

Deanna Moncrief 100x100Deanna Moncrief of Benchmark Wellness is a former wellness program coordinator. In the wellness industry for the past 12 years, Ms. Moncrief has broad expertise in the dynamics of wellness program management. With an advanced degree in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics and a thriving private practice, Ms. Moncrief constantly hears what people want and need to be healthy, which includes more diverse wellness opportunities at work.
Ms. Moncrief has trained and guided companies across the U.S. in various stages of program deployment. Among local employers and national Fortune 500 companies, she is a sought-after wellness expert and corporate trainer. Ms. Moncrief has seen how effective program customization can be in terms of return on investment compared to off-the-shelf programming.