Time for Leadership: The Accomplishing More in Less Time, Less Effort, and Less Stress Leadership Journey

Book_Cover_Pierre_Khawand_Time_for_LeadershipWelcome to a whole new world of leadership. Leadership demystified. Leadership broken down into digestible and practical behaviors. Leadership upgraded for the 21st century and made attainable for everyone who wants it. I invite you to join me in this journey, making your world and the world around you more fulfilling, as well as creating amazing results for you, your team, your organization, and your community. 

Join us to learn and appreciate this dynamic approach to leadership. Your key takeaways will be:

• Strategies, tools, and behaviors for staying focused on the desired results and leading others effectively in today’s complex and diverse work environment

• Awareness of one’s own personality and leadership style and the styles of others, in order to increase personal and professional effectiveness and enhance collaboration and teamwork

• Practical methods for managing stress, mastering nutrition, and using physical exercise to rejuvenate and achieve optimum performance

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Time for Leadership

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