Staying Focused in an ADD World

This session is available as an online webinar (40-minute webinar). Please contact us to request scheduling.

Who should attend?

This session is for executives, faculty members, and senior managers whose “attention” is in high demand, and who are faced with many competing priorities and receiving large number of requests from staff, students, and other stakeholders. This session also tackles the latest workplace and personal technologies that make it increasing challenging to stay focused on the current task or current thought. These technologies range from e-mail, IM, and mobile devices, to the latest Social Media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs, and the like.

Here are some of the key topics and techniques that are covered

  • Managing the thought process
  • Staying focused at the strategic level
  • Managing focused and collaborative time moment by moment

About the presenter

describe the imagePierre Khawand, Founder & CEO of People-OnTheGo, has more than twenty years of experience in the software industry. He has led several technology ventures and completed successful mergers and acquisitions and founded People-OnTheGo in 2001 to enable business professionals to communicate and collaborate more effectively using leading edge technologies. His bestselling “Accomplishing more in less time, less effort, and less stress” workshop enables business professionals to better cope with information overload and competing priorities. Pierre is the author of the popular less-is-more blog. He has published The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook, The Results Curve: How to manage focused and collaborative time!, The New New Inbox: How Email and Social Media Changed Our Lives.