Accomplishing More With Less for Managers and Supervisors (AMM) Workshop

The Accomplishing More With Less for Managers workshop (abbreviated AMM) is designed to help participants develop and practice the management skills that are crucial for managing people successfully in today’s information overload and diverse work environment. This workshop is ideal for managers and supervisors who are overseeing the work of others and who want to enable their teams to achieve great results. Participants must have one or more reports. This workshop is for organizations of all sizes and in any industry.

Key Objectives

  • Manage performance, create accountability, and keep everyone focused on the desired results.

  • Develop people and coach them to help them achieve their best.

  • Adapt one’s management style based on the situation and the people.

  • Build best practices to enhance team communication and productivity.

  • Manage strategically and help your team succeed in spite of the overload.


This is a list of the topics that are typically covered the session. The order and length vary.

Part 1: In Management Resilience Comes

  • Managing Priorities: Immediate Priorities Matrix as a managmeent tool

  • Managing Projects: The Project Matrix (version of the IPM applied to a project); Assigning roles and responsibilities with RACI.

  • Managing People: Style- and Delta-based management

  • Managing Decisions: Decision models, diagram, and process

  • Managing Results: The End Results Matrix

Part 2: Emotional Resilience (Awareness)

  • Emotional resilience; the Awareness Wheel as a management tool

Part 3: Strategic Resilience (Focus on Results)

  • Clockwise/counterclockwise circles exercise

  • Strategic Resilience (80/20—changes everything)

Part 4: Mental Resilience (Mind Focus)

  • Results Curve; The biggest interruption of all: Our own thoughts; The three techniques for staying focused; Techniques for helping your team stay focused

  • At the macro level: End Results Matrix; Immediate Priorities Matrix; Daily Journal

  • At the micro level: Time; Micro-planning; Catch-all to-do list

  • At the workflow level (everyday level): Agree on focus/collaborative indicators

Part 5: Implementation Resilience (Take Action and Take Initiative)

Action plan option #1: Custom action plan (12 weeks)

    • Stop: Blaming, etc.

    • Start: IPM, ERM, RACI, Strength, Different negotiation styles, deltas & weak links, Awareness Wheel, coaching others, Timer, Micro Planning, etc.

    • Continue: Listening, etc.

Action plan option #2: Leadership plan in the book (12 weeks)

  • Read one chapter in Time for Leadership each week and implement behaviors

Add-on to your action plan

  • Three strengths; Three weakness; One worry

Check in with your partner weekly

  • What worked; What didn’t work; What are you going to do about it