Microsoft SharePoint Techniques

microsoft sharepoint training webinarsThis online workshop is for business users who would like to use Microsoft SharePoint to better share information and collaborate with others and also reduce their dependence on e-mail and make their meetings more effective.

The concepts and techniques that are covered include

1. Overview of SharePoint as a web content management system, document management system, calendar and task management system, workflow and collaboration platform.

2. Working with document libraries, including creating document libraries, creating folders, uploading documents, checking documents in and out, and setting up alerts.

3. Using calendars and workspaces to create meetings, manage meeting objectives, and agenda items, track and share meeting related documents, as well as customize the meeting workplace to track related action items.

4. Using tasks to create custom lists to track a variety of business activities and action items. Allow team members to track progress, hand over tasks to each other, and track related documents.

5. Creating team sites and webpages to handle departmental and team needs. Uploading images and documents and branding the site. Adding "web parts" and links to internal and external pages. Assigning and managing user permissions.

6. Using discussion forums, blogs, and wikis to share and manage information more efficiently.