Microsoft Excel Macros

excel macros training webinarsYou may have used Excel Macros to record some steps and replay them, or even ventured into some of the underlying scripts, but wondered about what Macros are really about, how they work behind the scene, and how they can help you add important functionality to your Excel Workbooks. In this workshop you will learn exactly that and get some step by step demonstrations and instructions on how to put Macros to use into your daily work.

The concepts and techniques that are covered include

1. Recording Macros and getting an in-depth look at the Macros scripting language (VBA), and how Macros work behind the scene to automate routine processes.

2. Writing Macros and accessing the properties, methods, and events of Excel Objects such as workbooks, worksheets, and ranges, in order to add more significant functionally.

3. Using Macros to respond to user events and therefore making your workbooks more user friendly and better addressing the specific needs of your users.

4. Using Macros to create forms and build form functionality in order to minimize data entry errors, increase efficiency, and incorporate custom calculations that are tailored for your business needs.

5. Getting an overview of the scripting language including the constructs, variables, data types, scope, calling procedures, looping, and more.