The Perfect 15-Minute Day: Managing Your Time, Thoughts, and Emotions!

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Learn more about the method which includes the use of tags to help you track your tasks, manage interruptions, manage thoughts and emotions along the way, and be able to reconcile and close the loops on unfinished items at the end of the day.


What users are saying about the method

“[I] can finally remember what it is like to love my job again!”

           --Rachel Ungar

“I became more mindful of what I was doing throughout the day without being a slave to the clock.”

           --Julie Meyer

“I became more aware of how I get distracted and learned some ways to limit the distractions and to resist the pull of e-mail.”

           --Ann T.

“Big insights [from the method] were the value of making your to- do list and actions visible and becoming more aware of how much time things take to do.”

           --Susan Templeton

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