Total Organization

This class is available as a 90-minute online webinar. Please contact us to request scheduling.

Who should attend?

total organization e-mail documents paper workspaceThis workshop is for users who deal with a great deal of information in a variety of electronic and paper formats, and who want to get a good handle on it and free up their energy for important and strategic activities. It is also for those who are in need of organizing their workspace to create an environment that is conducive to creativity and productivity. The workshop is designed for both the "visionary" who is interested in the organizational concepts and their implications and the "implementer" who is interested in the step by step methodology to achieve optimum organization.

This is a platform independent workshop. It works for you irrelevant of the exact e-mail application or computer system or workspace elements you are using. You can apply the concepts and implementation plans easily to your environment.

This workshop complements the other workshops and can be taken before or after. It is usually recommended that you take one of the e-mail management workshops within the same one or two months so you can add more depth to your organization and have the knowledge you need to fully implement it in your e-mail communication.

What we will cover and the benefits?

In this session, we focus on three important areas of organization: Organizing your e-mail, organizing your computer files, and organizing your papers and physical workspace. With today's information overload, it is becoming increasingly challenging to get organized and to stay organized. Significant time and energy are spent looking for information. Tasks get postponed because it is not easy to find necessary information. Most importantly, our minds are constantly preoccupied-worried about missing important information and critical deadlines.

We will show you a realistic and practical approach for "total organization" which will result in "liberating your energy" so you can redirect it to the core activities that are going to make you and your organization successful. We start with the ToolsMapTM; an innovative approach in which you examine your current environment, both online and paper, such as e-mail, calendar, to-do lists, filing folders, and the like. Then we present a number of organizational methodologies for e-mail, computer files, papers, and physical workspace. And then we explore applying these techniques to your ToolsMapTM to create your new "totally organized" environment that works best for you.