The Inbox Freedom Webinar Series ($29 Fall Special)
Tranform the way you look at email!

E-mail Email DetoxFormat: Four 2x60-minute webinars

Date/Times: December 1 and December 8, 2011 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Pacific Time

Cost: $29.00 Holiday Special

Team Offer: $99.00 up to 10 participants

Seats are limited: Register now! (if you miss a session, you will be able to listen to the recoring).

Description: This two-week webinar series is designed to help you re-assess your behaviors and attitudes toward your e-mail inbox. Through a series of tips, demonstrations, and interactive exercises, we will teach you new practices to transform the way you look at email and manage e-mail. Your inbox activities will go from ad-hoc, inefficient, and anxiety-producing to structured, effective and anxiety-free. Instead of letting your inbox rule your mood and even your life, become the master of your own email domain through this two-part series.

About the creators of the Inbox Freedom

Jenny BlakeJenny Blake has worked at Google for five years, and is currently a Career Development Program Manager and internal coach. She is the author of the upcoming book, Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want (Running Press, 2011) and blogs at, where she provides simple, practical tips about life, work, money, happiness and personal growth. Jenny’s goal is to help people focus on the BIG picture of their lives…not just the details. Follow her on Twitter @jenny_blake.

Pierre KhawandPierre Khawand is Founder and CEO of People-OnTheGo. His best selling “Accomplishing more in less time, less effort, and less stress” workshop enables business professionals to better cope with information overload and competing priorities. Pierre is the author of the popular less-is-more blog. He has published The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook, The Results Curve: How to manage focused and collaborative time!, The New New Inbox: How Email and Social Media Changed Our Lives.