Welcome to the New World of Accomplishments

Our mission is to enable you, your team, and your company to rise above the challenges of the information overload, manage productivity and time, and accomplish meaningful results. Join us in the workshops to experience the new world of accomplishments.

We invite you to join us in this mission, making the workplace less hectic and interruption-driven and, instead, more satisfying and driven by results.

As the Results CurveTM indicates, together we can do it!


People-OnTheGo helps you make it happen

Our workshops, which are the results of a decade of research and teaching on corporate and academic campuses—both in person and virtually—enable participants and teams to:

  • Better manage interruptions and stay focused on the task at hand
  • Work more strategically and use innovative tools to align daily activities with desired end results
  • Manage competing priorities systematically, set better expectations, and negotiate more tactfully
  • Organize and manage e-mail via a repeatable and efficient process
  • File and find electronic and paper information quickly and easily
  • Use desktop applications to create compelling documents and present information more effectively
  • Use collaboration technologies to share information and reduce the reliance on meetings and e-mail
  • Work more effectively with remote team members.

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