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Accomplishing More With Less for Kindle

Whether you are using a Kindle or an iPhone, check out the Accomplishing More With Less Workbook for Kindle and start reading instantly! iPhone users can download the free iPhone Kindle App and enjoy the Kindle Edition of The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook just as well as on a Kindle.

A quick note for skeptical iPhone users

We were skeptical at first. The thought of reading a book onAccomplishing More With Less Workbook for iPhone and Kindle the iPhone didn't quite appeal to us. We were pretty sure that we wouldn't really do it but wanted to try it anyway, as part of our interest in the numerous mobile devices and technologies available and how well they contribute to our productivity... or NOT. So we tried it, and we are glad that we did! We were very quickly sold on the idea, as we don't have to carry multiple devices and still get the full benefits of Kindle books.

The Accomplishing More With Less Workbook

The Accomplishing More With Less WorkbookThe Accomplishing More With Less Workbook is the result of a decade of research and teaching on corporate and academic campuses, in person and virtually via web and video conferencing, and embodies my key findings about how to overcome the challenges of the information overload and accomplish meaningful things. Thousands of participants in the Accomplishing More With Less Workshop have made significant breakthroughs using the Accomplishing More With Less Methodology, and now you can too!

For your team or company

Do you want to take your team's productivity to the next level? Help your team members better communicate, manage unecessary interruptions, organize shared information, manage competing priorities, and stay focused on important results--get them copies of the Accomplishing More With Less Workbook. Contact us to discuss corporate rates for purchases of 50 or more book.

What readers are saying about the book

Accomplishing More With Less starts with some much needed myth-busting about multi-tasking "benefits". (Excuse me while I answer my cell phone, check my email, and respond to my colleagues' latest questions about project deadlines all at the same time). It explains how to become more efficient by managing interruptions, gaining focus on results, and, above all, completing tasks, not just keeping plates spinning. 

By Howard Greenfield 

Extremely well-organized, each chapter builds upon the next. Pierre clearly and concisely outlines concrete, practical, actionable strategies for approaching your overflowing inbox, myriad emails and overwhelming number of "to dos". It is very common-sensical, while using technology as the underpinnings of getting organized and creating routines for accomplishing more.

By Lee Raney

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Accomplishing More With Less Workbook

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Myth of Multitasking
  • Chapter 2: Meet Your New (Non-Digital) Assistant
  • Chapter 3: Mastering The Personal Zone
  • Chapter 4: E-mail Subdued
  • Chapter 5: Every Day is a Complete Day
  • Chapter 6: Every Day is a Fresh Day
  • Chapter 7: Radically Fast Filing
  • Chapter 8: The Last Priority System You Will Ever Use
  • Chapter 9: The Results You Want
  • Chapter 10: The De-Stress Secrets
  • Chapter 11: Use Collaboration Technologies to Accelerate Everything
  • Chapter 12: All Wishful Thinking Until We Take Action

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