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Less-Is-More Blog by Pierre Khawand

Throw away your to-do lists. Join the to-do lists bailout. 5 new types of items will emerge!

Posted by Pierre Khawand on Tue, Jan 12, 2010 @ 09:24 AM

to-do list bailoutHow about starting 2010 differently? Starting it free of to-do lists. Yes, I said it. Free of to-do lists. Imagine what this would be like. It would be like a to-do list bailout. After all, everyone is doing it, from car companies, to banks, to real estate developers, to governments. So why not you and me?

Now that you're convinced, let us explore the potential of this undertaking

On your first day after the to-do list bailout, take the day off and do "nothing." Well not exactly nothing, but let it be unscheduled. What is most important on this day is to unthink and incorporate the desperately needed play time. This is a day for the intuition, which has been kidnapped and suffocated by to-do lists, to resurface and come to life again.

Then the next day is your day to think, but now think freely and creatively. As you think freely, instead of a to-do list, a more meaningful set of ideas and initiatives are going to form. These will develop into a streamlined and extraordinary to-do list (and a much shorter one).

This to-do list is radically different

This new to-do list is radically different from the earlier ones because items on this list are:

  1. Strategic: They are fewer items but they address key areas and important issues and are likely to get the desired outcomes.
  2. Bold: They face the issues instead of dancing around them. They confront the more difficult ones instead of keeping you busy with the noise.
  3. Challenging: They aim high, and seek to leverage your talents, experiences, and passions.
  4. Exciting: They portray hope and get you inspired and motivated.
  5. Socially and environmentally aware: They contribute to the surrounding and fully support your team, your organization, and community.

The point is: If we truly want to accomplish more in 2010, and get different outcomes, something radical has to change. The to-do lists have to change! Let the 2010 to-do lists bailout free you from the noise of the past and create a crystal clear sound for 2010.

Topics: time management tips, getting organized