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Less-Is-More Blog by Pierre Khawand

Does "almost" count? or not? How does that impact business results!

Posted by Pierre Khawand on Fri, Jan 22, 2010 @ 07:38 PM

business resultsIt was at one of the local Whole Foods Market stores, and suddenly her voice got louder and louder. Everyone was scrambling to see what is going one. One thing was obvious is that this customer was very upset. Angry is more like it. From what we were able to understand, it sounded that "I almost fell" what she was saying, as she pointed to something on the floor and continued the scene for another 5 minutes, only to restart again when the next level manager showed up.

Does "almost" count? And how much does it count?

Let us move on to a new scene. You do the work. You do your best, and do great work, and use great judgment, and you almost make the quota, or win that customer, or get that project successfully completed, but you don't. Does "almost" count?

After all, you put the effort, and it was the right effort. Should you still be rewarded for putting the effort as opposed to getting the business results (which let us say you didn't get in this case)? Or do the business results rule everything? Are the "results" king and everything else not worthy?

What do you think? Let me know and we will continue the reflection and conversation!


Topics: business results