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Question and Answer: How do I post a question on LinkedIn and can I send it to everyone in my network?

Posted by Pierre Khawand on Wed, Feb 03, 2010 @ 02:58 PM

Social Media, LinkedInI get this question from time to time from workshop participants who are getting into social media or who are trying to leverage it in new and useful ways.

If you haven't been using LinkedIn to post questions and answer questions, below are the steps to get you started. If you have, but haven't been engaged in recently, hopefully this will motivate you to get back into it and post your question soon:

Posting a question on LinkedIn

  1. Once you login to LinkedIn, click on "More..." and then select "Answers" from the popup menu.
  2. Once you click on Answers, you will get to the Answers Home page which has an "Ask a Question" box where you can post a brief version of your question and press the Next button.
    Social Media, LinkedIn
  3. Once you click on the Next button, you will get to a longer form where you can enter the detailed question as well as assign the appropriate categories.
  4. Then you get the opportunity to send your question (via a LinkedIn generated e-mail) to your network. This form looks like an e-mail:
    Social Media, LinkedIn
  5. If you click on the small icon to the right of the "To" field, you will be able to select up to 200 contacts from your network, all a note to the e-mail, and send it with the click of a button.
  6. In addition to the 200 people, your question is also posted on the Answers section, so that other people can also view it and answer it (people who happen to be interested in this topic).

I look forward to seeing your questions and answers on LinkedIn!

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