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5 Ways to watch over your brand and quickly address issues! Learn from Delicious.com

Posted by Pierre Khawand on Thu, May 06, 2010 @ 04:37 PM

Last week I posted a blog entry titled: "Question & Answer: Can I import my browser bookmarks into Delicious? Can I make a Delicious bookmark private?". The blog entry answered these questions which were recently raised during one of my presentations in the South Bay.
The above blog entry was also posted on Twitter with a link to the original blog article. Soon after it was posted on Twitter, I got the following answer:

Delicious Social Media

Which was posted by the Delicious.com team, an active member of the Twitter community as you see below:

Delicious Twitter Team

Obviously, the Delicious.com team in this case didn't realize that my post was actually answering this question and therefore they proceeded with answering it. But that is not the point here. The point is that they are diligently watching out for their brand and addressing issues immediately as they come up.

Are you watching over your brand and your users like the Delicious.com team?

If not, here are 5 ways to get you started:

  • Use Twitter.com search to keep any eye on what is being said about your brand
  • Create a dedicated column in Tweetdeck to make this easy
  • Setup Google Alerts for your brand name and related keywords
  • Setup an RSS feed to relevant LinkedIn Answers topics that relate to your brand
  • Join relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups and discussions

What did I miss? How else are you watching for your brand in Social Media and the blogosphere? What else might you  recommend?

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