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12 Tasks That Killer Employees Always Finish Before Noon (Business Insider, 8/9/12); summary+commentary by Melissa Sweat, Online Community Manager

Posted by Pierre Khawand on Tue, Sep 25, 2012 @ 08:56 PM

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Creative Commons Attribution Atos Healthcare_Employee HealthSummary

Early birds don’t just get all the worms, they’re happier too—so says a recent study cited by writer Jada A. Graves in, “12 Tasks That Killer Employees Always Finish Before Noon.” If you want to be an early-rising, productive worker, Graves suggests making a to-do list, getting a full night’s sleep, exercising, doing big projects at the start of the day, allotting set time for checking email, and more.


Some of Graves’ suggestions may seem like things we’ve heard time and again. But that’s just it. One thing we love about this article at People-OnTheGo is the essential reminder of how much our health influences our productivity and performance at work. It’s not enough, though, just to eat healthy and be well-rested; in order to be a “killer employee” you must have “killer focus” and organization, too.

One of People-OnTheGo’s methodologies, The Results Curve, can help keep you focused as you work toward achieving your daily goals. We’ve discovered that just 40 minutes of focused effort, followed by a collaboration mode (of e-mail, social media, meetings, etc.) can bring breakthrough results in your workday. Instead of multitasking and not giving your full concentration, try just 40 minutes of focused effort—followed by collaborative work—and you’ll see how much more you’re able to accomplish. Then repeat, of course!


What do you do to prepare for your workday? What are some tasks that you think make a “killer employee”? Do you feel focused before and during the workday, or do you need help organizing and setting priorities?

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