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Mindfulness and the Creative Spirit

Compassion @Work and Beyond — Mindfulness in Action!

Love Yourself For Everyone’s Sake — Mindfulness in Action!

Mindfulness and Innovation, Hand in Hand!

Mindfulness Meditation @Work and Beyond!

Designing Your Life, Mindfully!

Happiness and the Practice of Mindfulness

Leading and Facilitating Multicultural Collaboration in a New World at Work

Human Factors in Workplace Design: Designing Spaces that are More Naturally Human

Emotional Resilience in Action: How to Succeed in High Risk Conversations by Lela Djakovic, CEO, EQED

Designing for Service: Happy Team, Happy Customer

How to Write a Non-Fiction Book in 8 Hours That You Use To Grow Your Business

Why Every Business Person Needs to Be an "Aha" Leader

The Explanation Revolution: Why New Skills Are Needed for a Complicated World

Compassionate Leadership: When The Dalai Lama And Brain Scientists Agree on Something, You Want To Listen!

Pivot: The Only Move that Matters Is Your Next One

The Perfect 15-Minute Day Method: From Scattered to Accomplished and Happy!

From Scattered to Centered: Understanding and Transforming the Distracted Brain

Human First: How Mobile is Becoming an Extension of Ourselves

Unleashing the Power of Play with Emmy award winner Gwen Gordon

The Gen Z Effect and the Future of Business with Author Tom Koulopoulos

Effective Strategies to Manage Conflict at Work

Leadership BEYOND Gender: Transcend Limiting Mindsets to Become an Engaging Leader

Speak Like a Pro: Practical Tips to Propel Your Confidence, Delivery, and Impact

The Employee Engagement Trap: How HR should approach the "Employee Experience"

Complimentary Webinar on 2/6/14: How to Use Design Thinking to Create an Innovation Company Culture

Complimentary Webinar on 12/12/13: Visual interview with Pierre Khawand about his new book “Time For Leadership” by best selling author David Sibbet

Complimentary Webinar on 12/5/13: Publishing Your eBook for Greater Business Impact

Complimentary Webinar on 11/7/13 - An 'Agile' State of Mind: How Agile software development & values power productivity (in business and beyond)

Complimentary Webinar on 10/3/13 - Lean in Action: Streamline your processes and achieve results!

Complimentary Webinar on 9/12/13: Unleash Your Inner Storyteller for Business Writing

Another Opportunity to Attend, "Time for Leadership: Finding an Hour to Lead," a Special, Free Webinar on 8/1/13

Complimentary Webinar on 7/11/13: How to Use Visual Project Management for Greater Productivity

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Maximize Professional Potential Now with Peer Coaching

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Move More to Accomplish More—Exercise is the Secret Sauce to Better Performance in All Areas of Your Life

Lunch and Learn Webinar: The Power of Three—How to Distill Your Message to Its Essence

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Getting Started with Office 2013 and 365

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Leveraging Mobile Work to Engage Your Employees

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Negotiating Team Conflicts Productively

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Visual Leaders—Capitalizing on the Visualization Revolution

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Creativity and Innovation—How to Experience the Lightning Bolt Every Day

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Staying Balanced When You Work Remotely

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Living in the Cloud

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Staying Focused in an ADD World

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Communicate in a more brain-friendly way

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Make smart food choices to increase your productivity!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Start a Work Revolution in Your Job, Now!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Engage Your Team and Organization Using Agile!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Retrain Your Brain for Success!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Negotiating Team Conflicts Productively

Lunch & Learn Webinar: How to Effectively Lead Virtual Team Meetings

Lunch and Learn Webinar: Visual Teams--Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation, and High Performance

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Social Media Time Saving Tips and Tools

Lunch & Learn Webinar: SharePoint 2010 in Action

Lunch & Learn Live Discussion: Managing Focused and Collaborative Time

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Cyber Threat--No Boundaries

Lunch & Learn Webinar: What You Need to Know to Move from Classroom to Online Learning

Lunch & Learn Webinar: How People Do Information Management--Research by Leading Scientists at PARC

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Overcome ADD Symptoms to Achieve Breakthrough Productivity

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Social Networking for Career Development

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Geography of Career--Aligning Where You Live With What You Do

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Virtual Worlds in Action--Club One revolutionizing fitness in Second Life!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Writing to Make a Difference--Fundraising & Marketing Materials that Get Results

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Emergency Preparedness Resources—Earthquakes and beyond!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Life After College--Behind the Scenes of the Publishing Process

Lunch & Learn Webinar: New Technologies--Is your Organization ready?

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Practice makes perfect! – “Flight simulators” for hospitals

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Multi-tasking Identity--Managing Your Online Professional Identity

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Building and Communicating your Personal Brand in the Job Search Process

Lunch & Learn Webinar: VISUAL MEETINGS--A Revolution in Group Productivity

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Teambuilding in the New Economy--Fast, Cheap and In Control

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Have the Job You Want--Without Leaving the Job You Have

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Ladder is Out--How to Manage Your Career in the Age of the App

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Making Agile Software Development and Design Play Together

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Top 10 Tips & Strategies for Breaking into New Markets

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Please, Don’t Have a Seat! - And, Watch Your Productivity Skyrocket!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Impact of Social Media--Build Your Business Case

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Social Media for Innovation and Engagement

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Tangling with and Taming the Abrasive Leader

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Social Media ROI RoadMap

Lunch & Learn Webinar: It's About Time--The State of the Art on Multi-tasking

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Top 10 Tips for E-mail and Business Writing that Rocks!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Feed Readers Demystified--Tips For Keeping Informed

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Art of Moderating Great Panel Discussions

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Generations in the Workplace--Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers, Seniors meet for a panel discussion!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: The Boomers Are Leaving! Practical Ways to Stop Brain Drain

Lunch & Learn Webinar: What Google Managers Do That You Can Too

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Establishing and Growing Your Brand--Trademarks and more!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Legal Landmines of Social Media in the Workplace

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Google Wave vs. Email

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Stressed For Time? Your Customers Are Too…What Should You Do?

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Kill Your Resume & Reinvent Your Career

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Generations in the Workplace—Seniors in Action!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Microsoft Project Tutorial

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Organizing your e-mail, electronic documents, and papers by Kim Silverman

Lunch & Learn Webinar: "Social Media at Work--How Networking Tools Propel Organizational Performance"

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn: The New Inbox in Action (Part 3)

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Understanding “Totally Wired” Youth

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn: The New Inbox in Action (Part 2)

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Generations in the Workplace—Baby Boomers in Action!

Lunch & Learn Webinar: 5 Social Media Tools You Don’t Want to Live Without

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn: The New Inbox in Action

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Second Life Tutorial by Pierre Khawand

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Virtual Worlds for Virtual Teams--Second Life in Action by Pierre Khawand

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Structured Wikis at Work- Enterprise 2.0 in Action

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Microsoft SharePoint Tips by Pierre Khawand

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Excel 2007 Tips by Kim Silverman

Lunch & Learn Webinar: Word 2007 Tips by Kim Silverman

Lunch & Learn Webinar: PowerPoint 2007 Tips by Kim Silverman

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Lunch & Learn Webinar: "Gen Y Teaches Us Twitter" by Jenny Blake

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